Troubleshooting Guides

Eco Friendly.

Please use the + signs to navigate through the Troubleshooting Guide. They are intended to hide information that is not relevant to you.

To open up the Eco Friendly, first check the lid.

If it has a hole in the middle of the lid, you can use a turkey baster to remove the accumulated oily fluids through the hole.

If it has hinges, lift the lid. You may have to remove 2 corner screws using a Phillips head screwdriver. You can use a turkey baster, ladle, or oil change pump to remove the accumulated oily fluids.

Please dispose of any oil, Diesel, hydraulic fluid responsibly.

We offer the Hydrocarbon Notifier (link) as an inexpensive and simple alarm. We also offer an upgraded version called the Eco Friendly Alarm & Arid Bilge Shutdown (link) which is capable of shutting off the connected Arid Bilge System and can have a remote alarm display on the bridge.