By Published On: December 30, 2020Categories: Blog

Metal-hulled boats are especially vulnerable to galvanic corrosion and electrolysis, which can cause thinning of the hull or pinholes through the hull. We’ve seen some extreme cases of a cyst the size of your fist built up on a 100-ft aluminum hull. In that particular vessel, there was no access to the bilge compartment at starboard mid. As a result, fluids collected in that zone, which led to calcification of the metal hull. This was patched up, but the repair costs were in the tens of thousands.

Now, an Arid Bilge pick-up has been placed down in those quarters, in addition to a few other locations around the vessel. The Arid Bilge is keeping every bilge compartment dusty dry, and as a result, the corrosion has completely stopped. On a metal boat, the Arid Bilge System pays for itself in the long run by preventing corrosion.